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Welcome to Startup Mindsets Podcast, we dive into how entrepreneurs think about the challenges they face.

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What's your Startup Mindset?

Startup Mindsets started as an idea to interview leaders in the startup and innovation space to use for book content. We then thought about using that audio to inspire and guide people in their startup journey's. Since April 2020, we've hosted 90 guests from founder/ceo, venture capitalists, to innovation leaders.

  • Created for aspiring problem solvers looking for guidance/inspiration.
  • New episodes every month
  • Interviews with world-class guests
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What our listeners say

A few reviews our awesome listeners have left us!

Dan does an amazing job interviewing! The quality of his guests and dialogue are amazing.

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I love how they dissect the ways of startup mindset through these thoughtful interviews. It's so awesome hearing stories of such successful individuals! Truly Inspirational.

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When you listen, it's best to be taking notes and writing down all the awesome nuggets. The episodes are full of lessons learned and actions you can apply to your own career or your startups.

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Great for all professionals - listen on your drive to work, or in between zoom meetings at home.

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Informative and inspiring!


Amazing podcast. So relatable, and they touch on issues that are very relevant for someone either about to launch their business.

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About The Hosts

Welcome to The Startup Mindsets Podcast! Dan Gonzales and Earl Valencia will be your hosts. Week in and week out we will dive into how founders across technology and innovation leaders think about running their business and why innovation now is more important than ever. Discover your startup mindset today! We hope you enjoy the show!

Earl Valencia

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Earl is a founder of Plentina and incubators in Silicon Valley and in emerging markets. He is an innovation, biz dev and digital transformation executive that helps start-ups and corporate teams where he helps grow companies or emerging business units from idea to scale.

Dan Gonzales

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

A rare breed, Dan was born and raised in San Francisco before developing an interest in anything to do with technology companies. He holds a BA in English from University of California, Riverside.

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