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Meeting Scott Kupor, General Partner at A16Z.
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English Major Turned Venture Investor

I went to undergrad and got my degree in a subject that's notorious for being a headscratcher. Why English?

I simply had a passion for story telling and thinking abstractly.

My environment when I moved back to San Francisco was surrounded by tech companies that I eventually got dragged into one.

In late 2017 I began reading The Intelligent Investor.

I wondered how could a dude who's never taken a business course do anything investing related?
Truth is anyone can be an investor in the public markets. But my interests grew further... I stumbled upon a thing called venture capital.

All this time in my hometown, I had been wondering how hundreds of startups were taking off? First it was seeing my neighbor get into a Lyft car, then it was me taking part as an active consumer in tech products. How did Lyft grow to every city in the country?

A hidden hand in all these startup successes were venture capital being poured into them. So I did my homework and became a VC with a fund called VU Venture Partners. I eventually made 5 investments in early stage startups with the fund: Akash Systems, Contraline, Bitesize, Creditstacks, and Fan Controlled Football.

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I've spoken at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati twice! Once for a reverse demo day where I showcased the investments I made alongside VU Venture Partners and for a panel I hosted called Asian Funders, Founders, & Friends. I'm all about cultivating community.

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