Karissma Yve CEO/Founder of Gildform on Creating a Jewlery Startup, Meeting Richard Branson, and Finding Inspiration


Karissma Yve


Karissma Yve is a fascinating entrepreneur, combining her passion for jewelry and technology she created Gildform.
Gildform is the all in one jewelry 3D print on demand jewelry design technology and manufacturing platform empowering creators to create jewelry products from concept to creation.
We hear about pearls of wisdom from going on a bike ride with Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands to her operating style as a CEO. She also speaks about bringing innovation to the jewelry industry and creating opportunities for jewelry creators and jewelry CAD designers to monetize their passions
Karissma's passionate about helping all jewelry creators transform their ideas into reality with clients like the Detroit Pistons. Karissma speaks about how she practices having a startup mindset by focusing on progress over perfection.
Thinking about all of the things that can get in your way of achieving your goal and asking what's going to stop you, 9 out of 10 times the answer is yourself.
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