🔋 Energy is Everything with⚡️Simon Alexander Ong: Author of Energize


Simon Alexander Ong

How can exerting energy make you feel more energized? This weeks exciting guest, Simon Alexander Ong, answers this question and discusses other interesting topics on the Startup Mindsets Pod.
Simon Alexander Ong is an award winning life coach and author of the book Energize published by Penguin UK.
Today, we spoke about why energy is everything, key points Simon made in his book, and fascinating ideas 💡 that have to do with our Energy. Some of the important topics we discussed were: How does working out give us more energy, when we are lazy to start working out in the first place? How do you recommend people get out of energetic blocks or manage their energy properly? Why people feel exhausted and what they can do to feel energized. The journey from heads to our hearts Selling yourself to yourself before you can sell to others
Grab your copy of the book Energize: https://www.amazon.com/Energize-Find-Spark-Achieve-Better-ebook/dp/B094F5D3BZ