Dorothy Chang of Lynx Collective


Dorothy (Jean) Chang

Our guest today is ⁠Dorothy Chang⁠ who has had an incredible career from venture capital, leading a successful nonprofit working with celebrities and billionaires to being an entrepreneur. She shares cool career stories and her take on being an entrepreneur, and lessons throughout her journey.

She's the Co-Founder of ⁠Lynx Collective⁠ - Supporting startup founders, helping them make their dreams come true:

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Previously, as the President of ⁠Kode With Klossy⁠, she worked with the org to empower young women to break into the tech industry.

Dorothy spent her career working in technology. Leading marketing and communications for category-leading technology startups and enterprises like Foursquare, Paxos, Brew Media.In 2012, she was the first woman to startup a VC fund (Liberty City Ventures) investing in the crypto/blockchain space. I continue to angel invest and advise tech companies - especially where I can be supportive of emerging technologies (Web3, metaverse, etc), female founders and social impact.

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