150,000 Rides Later with Circuit CEO Alexander Esposito


Alexander Esposito


Dan catches up with one of the first startup founders he met while working as an analyst at VU Venture partners.

Circuit is an all-electric, on-demand, local shuttle service. Download the app & Ride Circuit. ⁠https://www.ridecircuit.com⁠

Connect with Alex on Linkedin: ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/espositoalexander⁠

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Time Stamps

2:45 What is Circuit? On demand shuttle service focused on small trips 

10:00 Selling advertisers

19:00 Operating and scaling a mobility operation, 

20:00 Moving 150K passengers a month 

21:25: Thoughts on autonomous cars 

27:00 When was your first Uber ride?

34:10: Getting first customer and starting the company

35:10 testing out an idea for a company and keeping desk jobs until it made sense financially to leave

Taking out 3 car notes to start the business 

38:00 Closing first advertiser for 10K 

44:00 Differences of working as an employee of a company vs being a founder

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