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About the Startup Mindsets Hosts

Welcome to The Startup Mindsets Podcast, where Dan Gonzales and Earl Valencia will guide you through insightful discussions on how founders and innovation leaders navigate the business landscape. Join us week after week as we explore the intricacies of running a business and delve into why fostering innovation is paramount in today's dynamic environment. Discover your startup mindset with us today—we hope you enjoy the show!

Dan Gonzales

Dan is a unique figure, hailing from the heart of San Francisco and nurturing a passion for all things related to entrepreneurship. Dan is a writer by nature with venture capital and startup experience. Fascinated by how entrepreneurs think and what gets them to perform, Dan developed close ties with the Silicon Valley founders and venture capitalists at VU Venture Partners. He holds a BA in English from University of California, Riverside. He hosts The Startup Mindsets Podcast, a platform that dives deep into how entrepreneurs make decisions and can run successful businesses. Dan has invested in several early stage startups including Akash Systems, Contraline, and Fan Controlled Sports & Entertainment. Dan worked as an executive assistant to Kaila Methven, an award winning fashion designer and celebrity.

Earl Valencia

Earl, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the founder of Plentina and has spearheaded incubators in Silicon Valley and emerging markets. With expertise in innovation, business development, and digital transformation, he plays a pivotal role in nurturing startups and guiding corporate teams. Earl's track record includes successfully growing companies and emerging business units from inception to scalable operations. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.