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About the Book

In today’s rapidly evolving and digital world, every global leader must employ a Startup Mindset to thrive and get ahead.   

Born in the Philippines, Earl Valencia is an award-winning tech leader and venture-backed startup founder. Dan Gonzales lived through the grind of Silicon Valley as an investor, writer and the host of the popular Startup Mindsets podcast. Together, they have distilled lessons from hundreds of conversations with founders, venture capitalists and ecosystem builders. How do you balance a changing landscape while staying true to your core values? How do you stay relentless in the face of adversity? In other words, how can you think like a startup?

This book unveils the secrets of the Silicon Valley ecosystem and guides readers on the mindsets that differentiate the leaders who were trained from the industrial economy of the past from those who have grown and transcended into a digital-first world. Those who dare to take on the next disruptive shift will see their impact skyrocket to unparallelled heights.  

Through compelling stories and actionable strategies, get inspired to  apply the Startup Mindset to your own life and lead the new innovation-driven and digital economy today.