Ed Latimore: Secrets from a HeavyWeight Boxer on Overcoming Adversity


Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a writer, physicist, and Professional Heavyweight Boxer. He's been on the world's top podcasts such as Fresh n Fit, Knowledge Project, and Modern Wisdom. It was an honor to interview Ed and we're delighted to share our conversation.

Ed's Website: https://edlatimore.com
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Time Stamps
(14:34) If you don’t take a risk, there’s no way to get tough. 
(30:11) Approach 1,000 women to get with 100.
Approach to a formidable situation. There’s an a symmetrical ROI
(39:54) Getting quoted by Steven of Diary of CEO
(40:32) Getting quoted by James Clear
(46:32) Setting limitations, Why people do it
(50:32) Era of humanity we’re in is way different
(64:40) We only see the highlights not the downs on social media