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Under The Hood

Since April 2020, we've had the privilege of interviewing over 100 individuals, ranging from founders of startups, venture capitalists, and innovation leaders, to now featuring TikTokers, book authors, and so much more. Each conversation offers a unique perspective on navigating the challenges and triumphs of the entrepreneurial world.

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About the Podcast

We find out how people experience entrepreneurship and growth differently. Working towards your dreams is difficult, however if it is something worth doing, why not attempt it and push boundaries?

So much of work is percieved as making an ends meet, while that is certainly important, we must spend time on things we enjoy and combine that effort with business to make impactful change in the world. I think change starts with information and courage to take the leap into the unknown.

We have stimulating conversations about the above.

The Story Behind It

It started with Earl's idea to write a book called Startup Mindsets in early 2020. We wanted to get a few sources to contribute as exciting stories from entrepreneurs doing interesting things.

We quickly realized that recording conversations over Zoom should be more than just stuff we listened to but conversations that anyone should have access to when needing an inspirational pick me up.

Why Listen to the Podcast?

It's true, there are a lot of podcasts in the space. But we're unique in getting to the core of why entrepreneurs or people with deep missions attempt grand ventures. Find out what informs their decision making especially when times are tough and how they achieved success.

Our Timeline


Startup Mindsets Podcast Began


Podcast Reach 2K Downloads


Interviewed 35 People and grew show to 5k downloads. Officially became an LLC



Publishing Book with Penguin Random House SEA

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We are proud to partner with forward-thinking companies that share our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Through their support, we're able to continue delivering high-quality content and valuable insights to our listeners. Together, we're empowering entrepreneurial growth and fueling the success of startups worldwide.