AI in Recruiting with Rolescale CEO Mehdi Taifi


In this episode of "Startup Mindsets" we dive headfirst into the fascinating notion of how AI is set to change recruiting and hiring with Mehdi Taifi, CEO and founder of Rolescale. We also talk working on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and quitting a career with a safety net to pursue entrepreneurship.

About Mehdi:

Mehdi is the Founder and CEO of RoleScale, a SaaS company specializing in AI based solutions in the recruiting tech space. Mehdi is an experienced founder with over 18 years of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience combined. He was one of the early joiners at Robinhood where he built and scaled operations for their brokerage division. Mehdi also worked on Wall Street for some of the top investment banks including Bank of New York Mellon and Deutsche Bank.

Giving candidates a fairer chance at landing a job.

Conversation Time Stamps:

(5:00) What Rolescale does/inspiration for starting

(12:00) Being data driven, efficient, and automated to save recruiters time/energy (23:00) Moving from wall street to silicon valley (28:00) Carving out a niche in the recruiting industry (31:00) Helping grow a startup to unicorn status (34:00) Making the decision to leave Robinhood and do a startup full time (40:00) discipline, keep motivating yourself

(42:00) Working with the founders of Robinhood. The value of a humanities/nontechnical degree(45:30) Getting a job in tech is tough (49:00) Miami Tech/startup scene (55:00) Writing and publishing a novel on magical realism (58:00) Is getting a degree in the humanities worth it? (60:00) the value of philosophy, today. (62:00) How art and philosophy ties into a business by taking a logical approach (64:00) Leading a company despite the emotional toll (66:00) understanding team member's motivations and pulse check on how the team is feeling.

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