Learn New Languages with Hallo AI CEO Joon Beh


Joon Beh founder/CEO of Hallo AI joins the podcast to tell us how 40,000+ people are learning a new language through Hallo Ai's app. Joon explores Hallo AI's uniqueness, where he emphasizes its focus on spoken fluency. The platform's innovative approach positions it ahead of competitors.
Joon Beh's advice resonates as he reflects on entrepreneurship's highs and lows. His impactful presence inspires confidence in Hallo AI's potential to transform language learning worldwide.
Throughout our conversation with Joon, we discuss:
How AI is built into their core product.
Hallo provides the opportunity to speak with an interface in dialogue.
Having the idea for Hallo on a roadtrip to LA and talking about creating Hallo with his siblings.
Persevering as a founder who was having visa issues but earned a green card to follow an entrepreneurial dream in the USA.
(17:30) The exciting life of an entrepreneur who wears many different hats
Creating a startup as a nontechnical founder and interviewing 1000 cofounding engineers
Key Talking Points
Joon's background and passion for languages
Genesis of Hallo AI
Unique features of Hallo AI
The role of AI technology, including ChatGPT and other APIs, in developing Hallo AI
The unique experiences and roles that come with running a startup compared to established companies
Comparing traditional methods with innovative technology solutions like Hallo AI
How language learning can change lives and open up new opportunities
Joon shares insights on user acquiring 40k users and building a business
Learning from challenges and pivots
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