Dr. Ghaz Samandari


Happy New Year! 🎊 Ghaz aka Ghazaleh joins Startup Mindsets to discuss how her 2 decades in public health traveling the 🌍 left her burnt out and seeking a new career as a personal coach.
We talk best country chips, how one can get involved in humanitarian efforts, and what it’s like working in Paris.
As the Founder of 9 Paths Development, Dr. Ghaz Samandari, PhD is a Health Behavior Scientist, ICF-certified Integral Development coach and trauma-informed practitioner who has worked with communities of women, government leaders and a variety of organizations in over 30 different countries. With a PhD in Health Behavior Science and extensive experience in the Humanitarian field, Dr. Ghaz Samandari combines health science and evaluation methods with her training in leadership coaching to provide whole-system solutions for organizations seeking to make an impact. How the Humanitarian field can help tech companies build inclusive workplace cultures for everyone to thrive. (Dr. Ghaz Samandari has worked in 30 countries across the world as a Health Behaviour Scientist supporting teams on the ground helping rebuild communities after war, famine