The inspirational story of Ethan A. Poetic Round 2 🏈


Ethan A. Poetic joins the podcast for a second time to talk about his new autobiography, lessons in becoming an author, and how he is continuing to be an inspiration to youth all over Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Ethan talks about overcoming a horrific car accident and near death experience. Ethan describes how he's overcame poverty, and how his personal journey has inspired people around the world. Lastly, Ethan also speaks about not having his father in his life but still turning the corner into a positive life.
Key Insights
The right client will pay you.
Sharing your story is a vulnerable thing but can reap many rewards.
Going from victim to victor.
Ethan A. Poetic LLC, which includes keynote speaking, corporate speaking engagements, poetry workshops and serving as a mental health advocate. To connect with Poetic, he may be contacted on LinkedIn at Ethan Poetic.
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