Sustainability Sells with Ettitude's President Kat Dey


Ettitude is a material innovation company and sets itself apart from traditional bedding manufacturers.

  • Kat Dey joins the podcast to talk about how sustainability can be sexy and profitable. We discuss entrepreneurship
  • Starting a business while working a corporate job and in business school
  • Meeting consumer demand with a novel solution
  • Why bamboo is better for textiles and how Ettitude's product supports sustainability
  • Running a an ecommerce brand
    Kat is a serial entrepreneur and executive, named one of “35 People to Watch in New York Tech” and “EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman” in 2016. Having fallen in love with ettitude's products and mission, Kat joined Ettitude in early 2018 to help expand the company globally. Prior to ettitude, Dey had a decade of experience scaling mission-driven brands. In 2012, Dey founded Try The World, a direct to consumer food subscription company, which disrupted the global artisanal food supply chain. It was named by Crains NY as the #3 fastest growing company in New York before it was acquired in 2017.
    About Ettitude:
    Ettitude is a fabric innovation company and a lifestyle brand making the world’s softest, most sustainable materials with our patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo® fibers. They are on a mission to create next-gen fabrics and products that reduce our impact and support the health of the planet.
    CleanBamboo is a lyocell made from bamboo, and uses absolutely zero toxic chemicals in the process, unlike all other bamboo fabrics on the market made using viscose or rayon technology. Bamboo made bedwear such as bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases to name a few.
    Bamboo sheets are cool and breathable, allowing you to get the best and most restful sleep every night. Made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, our bamboo sheets are durable, moisture-wicking and unbelievably soft. Bamboo sheets are also naturally temperature regulating so you’ll sleep comfortably without getting too hot at night, no matter what season it is. While bamboo sheets require more specific care than standard sheets, they’re worth the additional maintenance to ensure your best sleep.
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