AI for Legal with Beagle AI CEO: Sergey Demyanov


Ai is the trending topic for 2023 and it's no question that it has the potential to change a ton of traditional workflows.
About the Guest
Sergey Demyanov is a serial entrepreneur from Russia with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Melbourne. He founded Teleport which Snap acquired and from there worked as a machine learning manager for four years prior to working on his current venture, Beagle.
About Beagle: Beagle is the first human-level-intelligence e–discovery assistant. Beagle’s AI helps you accurately find and analyze documents that best match your needs. And the more you use Beagle, the smarter it gets.
Explore Key Features
Discover How Our Product Enhances Your Experience
$2/Gb/month hosting price
No license fees
10x fast, detailed and verifiable automated document review for 20%–50% of human review cost
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