How Ideaflow Fuels Problem Solving with Author Jeremy Utley (Director of Executive Education at Stanford's Design School)


What if I told you, every problem is an idea problem? Today's guest is the co author of Ideaflow alongside Perry Kleiban, former COO of Patagonia.

Jeremy has also spent over a decade at Stanford in Education as the Director of Executive Education at the Haaso Platner School of Design.

Jeremy Utley graduated the Stanford GSB the same year Earl did, 2009 and we are excited to have him on the podcast for a conversation about why "Ideaflow" is an important way of thinking in today's work environment.

  • I know kung fu moments (8:21)
  • Experience is a Liability
  • The Obsessive Pursuit that characterized the months before Bill Bowerman's waffle maker moment for Nike (13:55)
  • Keep a bug list (15:50 )
  • Experience is a liability (19:50)
  • Why Jeremy wrote a book (23:17)

Purchase your copy of Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric that Matters on Amazon.

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