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When A Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

by Dan Gonzales
Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Evolution is something we all go through, whether it’s a baby becoming a young child or a teenager transitioning into a man. There’s moments when we persevere through a difficult situation that usurps our emotions. Just because you hit 18 or 28 doesn’t mean you stop growing internally. We experience traumatic things and we eventually heal. Returning with more fortitude and strength as a byproduct of the hardship. As we see in a caterpillar that is able to grow wings and become a butterfly, we have the ability to shed our failures, fears, and previous beliefs. In order to grow we must leave the old us in the past and plunge to the future.

Or maybe it’s like a hermit crab that sheds its old shell and picks up a new one. We are all traversing through earth as human beings with unique dreams, needs, and beliefs. One thing we all have in common is the desire to be loved, to be wanted, however our beliefs may be holding us back from evolving into that butterfly.

The only way to succeed in personal development is to shed our shells and in the analogy of caterpillar to butterfly, transform so that we can spread our wings and use them to go where we want to go.

A lot of the beliefs that contain us are due to our comfort zone, habits, and beliefs. If we never take the leap of faith to explore something new, we will remain the same. Yet, that belief that things could be better fights your inner thoughts wanting to be released. Perhaps we secretly crave adventure but fear losing what we worked so hard to build.

If traveling to Miami and Houston has taught me anything, it is that once you get into a new environment, you’ll discover more about yourself, experience new cultures that are more conducive to your likes. Yes, it does take financial means to move somewhere new at times but the greatest motivator of consequence is powerful enough to force action.

Many times, we need to be yanked out of our routines to grow. In entrepreneurship, the state of extremes is felt more often than not because one is building a new business.

So shred that shell, say hi to someone new, try that new food, zig when others zag, and embrace your unique gifts.

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