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Strike⚡️When The Iron's Hot! 🍳

by Dan Gonzales
Entrepreneur & Podcaster

If you're like me, you have probably heard the expression, "Strike when the iron is hot." Perhaps you even apply yourself when a moment presents itself, indeed, to strike (seize) an opportunity. But maybe you find it hard to qualify the opportunity, maybe you are unsure if you are worthy of it once you have it in front of you.

In an age of consult the internet for advice, we only have so little time when a serendipitous chance arrives and likely we won't be expecting it. So what do we do besides ponder or find ourselves nervous wanting to act but fear gets in the way?


On a phone call with Earl Martin Valencia the expression, "Strike when the iron's hot" came up. As a potential business opportunity arose with the time window on deciding hypothetically closing, the phrase stood out, but I hadn't fully understood its significance at the time.

Earl explained how the science behind why metal when hot only has a certain amount of time to be shaped at the welder's discretion the phrase started to make sense. In life, business, and career choices there are soft and hard deadlines to choose that new direction, make a bold proposal to upper management, or potential business partners. As an entrepreneur, I have found myself feeling the pressure of what if this does not work out, I look like a fool, or this does not pan out how I would like.

A mental exercise I practice when faced with my mind's internal struggle is

  1. Focus on what I can control, have pronoia - Simon Alexander Ong
  2. Stay in the moment, anxiety comes from living too far in the future - Cari Jacobs-Crovetto

💭 It's important to go with your gut on decisions with short time horizons.

Hanging with Earl at Grand Central Station New York City


So take advantage of an opportunity as soon as it exists, in case the opportunity goes away and does not return.

The phrase comes from the practice of blacksmiths striking a hot piece of metal with a mallet or other tool before it cools. If the blacksmith waited too long, the metal would cool and become difficult to shape.

I think trying to find security or confidence prior to doing the big action, whether it's an ask or sales opportunity lessens the chances of winning the deal in some cases. You'll never be fully prepared only mentally ready to go through the task.

As an entrepreneur of any kind, one must take advantage of being in the right room, presenting bold ideas to the relevant parties.

How long does the iron remain hot? 🧐

This is a question that I myself wonder about. The truth is decisions need to be made in the moment in these situations. The iron remaining hot depends likely on the other party's interest level and the time duration since, you can also measure their interest based off of what they've expressed via tone of voice, body language, etc.

Commit to the being curious and confident as you approach because as my friend, Simon Alexander Ong says, "When everything is unknown, anything is possible."

The Value of "Warm Leads"

  1. Warm leads can mean inbound interest for your product/service.
  2. A recommendation from someone or a brand with a strong reputation.Think of warm leads similar to that iron being weldable, time is only your ally if you use it to your advantage by summoning the courage to TAKE ACTION.

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