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Be Relentless: Lessons from Season 9

by Dan Gonzales
Entrepreneur & Podcaster

You’ve gotta be relentless as an entrepreneur. You've heard it everywhere possible, maybe on instagram explore page, these short motivational videos that only talk in forms of encouragement and fancy success stories. They never truly paint the full picture. Because entrepreneurship is not always fun, glamorous, or sexy as these clips make it out to be. Yes, raising capital makes for a cool Techcrunch article but a true entrepreneur is not in it for the fame. Perhaps they're chasing this feeling of success which is their dream of the product or service enhancing other people's lives or making the world a better place.

But what happens when you find out that what you have created is not growing at the rate you want/need it to? What happens when cash is low in your bank account? What happens when you cannot close the sales needed to continue operations the way you want? Will you quit and move on? How long will you stay in pursuit?

In 6 months in of making Startup Mindsets an LLC, I have learned there’s no other option for a founder, small business owner, entrepreneur.

I see the mountain as an exciting experiences to climb and we’re pretty close to conquering one tough uphill of landing sponsors, growing downloads and publishing a top tier business book.

I find it quite fitting that a lot of entrepreneurship books also fit the self help category, because, how can starting and scaling a business not be inspiring?

To me, interviewing people and hanging out on the podcast does not feel like a job, it’s just fun and we’ve inspired some people that I know, to start stores, quit their shitty jobs and chase pursuits that speak to their inner being.

My advice would be to champion your own individual curiosity and solve problems and do what brings you joy. I have seen doubts kill passion and it is normal to doubt if something will work, however, it is up to you to eliminate it and move forward. It either works or it doesn't, this is a zero sum game.

I recently had the opportunity to interview two successful authors Jeremy Utley  and Simon Alexander Ong on Startup Mindsets Podcast. The 2 themes they discuss are finding problems worth solving and doing things that energize you, respectively. One, it's really important to be either a vitamin or pain killer when it comes to the product or service you create because it will be the way you sell what you've invented.

Looking at the big picture, people who start businesses, startups, etc. do so because they found a calling

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