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5 books that got me into investing and business

by Dan Gonzales
Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Books Do Change Lives

I never took a business class in undergrad. Instead, I majored in English at UC Riverside and spent the majority of my time reading old texts mostly in time periods over one hundred years ago. But one day my friend showed me The Intelligent Investor by Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.

Even though I haven't made a fortune from the stock market, understanding how investing works is an important factor in setting up your financial future.

1. The Intelligent Investor

If I told you I read this book from start to finish I would have a hard time believing myself, but I did. It's very dense and feels like 500 pages becuse it is. While reading Inteliigent Investor was one of the hardest things I have read because it cannot be read fast and requires paying attention, I enjoyed the timeless lessons I learned.

After having read this book, I joined a venture capital program called Venture University and made investments into 5 startups. It's great to get in early so why not invest before they go public at the seed stage?

2. The Lean Startup
3. Secrets of Sandhill Road
Meeting Author Scott Kupor
4. Zero To One
5. Brotopia