Episode Description

Brian Potts, partner at and named top 100 lawyers in America at Perkins & Coie, shares what it's like launching multiple products like his own keyboard for lawyers, an ETF called $DEMZ traded on the Nasdaq, writing a book called The Jobless Lawyers Handbook, and accelerating growth for his own startup, Goods Unite Us.

I stumbled upon Brian's work on Linkedin when I saw a post he wrote about having 200 job rejections out of law school to becoming a partner at the law firm that once rejected him. I had to reach out to find out the full scoop. As we all know getting rejected from jobs is all too common. In the podcast, Brian details what advice he has for people trying to leap over career hurdles and how he's able to achieve so much in multiple aspects of entrepreneurship.

Be sure to check out his book: The Jobless Lawyers Handbook on Amazon

Download Goods Unite Us to know where brands donate politically and add the $DEMZ ETF to your watchlist.

Lastly, feel free to DM Brian about career advice in the legal profession. On Twitter he's @brianhpotts