Episode Description

Our guest today is Will Peng born in Taiwan and immigrating to the U.S. he went to Princeton University. It was at his first job out of college that he realized it was hard to understand compensation packages from his employer on top of his personal challenges around student debt.

Will's worked at Red Swan Ventures an early investor in Oscar, Warby Parker, Coinbase prior to creating Northstar. Since 2016 Will has made it his mission by founding Northstar to guide people in their financial journeys.

Everyone deserves the best financial advice to make the best decisions for themselves. Employers who use Northstar give their employees access to certified financial planners. There's this unique intersection of financial advice and compensation/benefits from work.

We talk about landing top clients like Zoom, Snap, Serviceitan, and Nerdwallet to his first customer in the early days. Will also sheds light on what it was like founding the company doing uncomfortable sales calls and how design and sales are closely related.