Episode Description

My guest today is Stefanie Pinsley, now known for her TikToks around marketing and entrepreneur mindset hacks. She's scaled her following on TikTok to 70k. Stef left Google to be a content creator (TikToker) and entrepreneur mindset coach. Currently Stef is an personal branding coach for her own company Roadmap to Rise and you can check it here.We have thought filled discussion on the content creator lifestyle, building a personal brand, being a coach, and most importantly finding happiness and fulfillment in her career. Follow Stef @stef.pinsley on TikTok and Instagram. We learn that the value of your self worth doesn't come from what school you went to or what company you work for but instead how you align your passion with your purpose.We also touch on the emotional cycle of change and what you can do to make great content.Be sure to follow us on social @startupmindsetspod and subscribe to stay up to date!