Episode Description

Ahmed Elsamidisi founded Narrator.ai when he experienced the problem of not knowing how to answer/taking too long to answer data queries at WeWork as a Data Engineer. He realized that he had to be the one to solve this problem after talking to companies who might be solving this but weren't. In the episode we discuss Ahmed's "Ah ha" moment💡, Getting into Y Combinator, Living with your co-founders in the same house, funny stories while pitching venture capitalists and customers, and much more! We welcome guest host, Jovanni Lara, to go more in depth about the product and his experience trying to make sense of data.

Narrator  powers self-service analytics across all your data. It allows anyone to  get answers in minutes instead of weeks, using the same data as your  data team. Narrator helps your data team build a full customer 360 that covers every interaction customers have with your business (opened  emails, paid invoices, new support tickets, etc...), Anyone can answer quick questions and self-serve requests across all  your data without needing SQL and then integrate that data with your  existing tools (spreadsheets, BI, and SaaS tools like email providers). Provide the foundation for a comprehensive self-service experience for your company by going to Narrator.ai